Fun Tour

What's up people?
Long time no posts?? Anyways, someone had to break the streak so I decided to volunteer.
It's been so long since I last visited the blog that I even forgot how to sign in. Thanks to google for remembering my username and password. Seems like everyone's busy studying like nerds to get good grades, good jobs and shit....:P

I've been trying to do the same thing too but me and studies can never be on the same page. I still manage to get the passing grades in theory, a little extra sometimes but it's the projects where I make up for the lost marks in theory.

The good part of my study is the actual planes or airworthy parts that we work on rather than the dummy freaking diagrams or plastic models. The parts we sign off in the workshop can actually be put on a plane and sent flying. I just love being around the planes, working on them and sometimes just looking them.

Here are some of the pics from the tour of Air Canada hangar that we went to. It was more of a Boeing 767-300 tour for most of us. The people there were extremely friendly as they not only gave us a brief tour of the hangar but allowed us to play with some of the flight controls on this plane. I was on the first officer's seat and one of my friend was on the captain seat. With the hangar supervisor giving us the commands, we turned on the battery power, and as soon as we did that the whole cockpit lit up like a christmas tree. We then turned on the Hydraulic pumps and moved the ailerons, elevators, set up the altimeter and took some selfies.:D   I so badly wanna get my commercial pilot's license now!

The flight was scheduled to depart the same afternoon to Narita, Japan. The only sad part was that they couldn't take us for a ride around the airport as we didn't had the thing set up in advance. That would have sweet though. Anyways go through the pics, have a great summer, and do reply back.

PS: M-K(guest) thanks for reminding.  @Mustafa, khud nahi likh sakta saale!!!

LET'S GO GERMANY!!!!!! #fifaworldcup

Bubye. :)

Taxing out to transfer the plane to the gates for loading and flight.

Engineering the Complicated..

Engineering isn't easy as it sounds, You have to take your small bandwagon through series of uphills and downhills. You stay at home and study, You lose attendence. You go and study, you lose marks. Its a big gamble you see.

Most people think if you are doing engineering you can fix their tape recorders etc. Sometimes my father is into repairing things and he asks my advice, i say take it to the technician. He replies in a very 'parentic' manner, ''What are you doing engineering for?''. become an engineer and not a technician.

Well i ask myself too, what am i doing engineering for? Hmm.. for mugging up long long derivations? learning conceptual methods of solving problems? Studying 3 books of mathamatics? Too satisfy my self ego?
But i got the answer after the first year. Once you are done with the first year you get your prospects cleared. you know what you want to do. And you start planning ahead. 2nd year is the year from where your real engineering starts.

If you are into imagining then you are done with engineering, almost 35% of it. Then you need Photographic mind, the technique to take photos with your mind of any page of the book.

Now comes the college life, you goto college and meet different kinds of people. Some are there just for the sake of it, some for the girls and some just don't know why and how they got here. its like they lost their memory on the way.

The FIRST impression is the LAST. Note my words. The impression you make on the students or on the lectures will last for all your 4 years. If you are the boss you will remain, if you are the servant you will remain and you may be forced to do chores of many. Lecturer's are just okay, they just don't care whether you exist in free space or a dielectric, but they can sense the electric field you generate. 

Girls top the chart. No doubt about this. Don't waste time figuring how, just move on...its a waste of time.

Finally i found some MEME's to explain the expressions of my lecturer's and my own on some occassions.

1. Results declared, geeks are happy but for others its a sad ending.

2. Einstein type geeks ask a Einstein type question to the lecturer.


3. You get caught laughing in the class.


4. Finally Jackie Chan in his first lecture.

Winter, sports and the life in West coast

Yeeehaaa! Finally! the active part of my brain over ruled the lazy part(dominating) of my brain thus allowing me to write a post I've been willing to write for the last 15 days or so.

OMG! I love winter. It's 0 degrees with a bit of wind chill and everything is frozen, but, my window is still open. I find winter as the most beautiful season but at the same time I hate it coz it makes me extremely lazy. I can just sit in front of the T.V at 8 in the morning and watch Football followed by american football, Ice hockey, NBA and cricket right until the midnight (that's my schedule on Saturdays and Sundays).

Let's get over it. So, How's life? Mine's pretty busy with mom gone to Dubai and me having to do all the household works along with studies, watching all those games and than moving stuff with my cousin as he's moving into a new house. The positive thing about moving is that I have learned and mastered backing up a towed trolley, it requires some skills. Also, I got my class 5 driver's license! which means almost no restrictions, apart from drink and drive. I won't have to place the "N" sign at the back of my car anymore, even though I never placed one..:D and never got caught.

The things have changed quite a bit since I got my license. I've been stopped by the cops asking for my license thinking that I'm still a new driver. The funny part was when I was stopped at the border crossing at Point Roberts a couple weeks ago. The officer questioned so much that I almost freaked out. He started with asking the reason for the visit and ended with pointing at my Hoodie and asking whether it's the logo of my cricket team? I replied in a funny way saying "We don't have sponsors from US" pointing at Hollister written on top of the logo. Having been questioned a lot me and my cousin decided to take a look around the Point Roberts as he was sippin on his beer and I was drinking Starbucks.

So, we were just going around looking at some of the empty lots that were put on sale. We saw a person working at one of the house across the street and decided to ask him about the prices but were too late as we almost took completed our turn and we had to take a U turn and come back again. We went further down the street thinking about how they come across the border to work in the US. We kept going for another minute or two and we came to the dead end. Now, what I saw across the dead end shocked me. It was the same border we crossed.

We took a U turn and started going back towards the house where the person was working. Still very confused and searching up on the GPS for the area. Just when we got there and my cousin almost stepped out of the car to ask him, I realized that the house was in Canada when I saw this giant stone at the side of the house saying international boundary. It would have been a big offence had he gone to the other side and we might have been sitting in a prison calculating the size of the prison rather than the lot.

So we safely came back to Canada and watched some movies on the weekend. Singh Saab the great is a great movie. It has a good story and is very good overall If you don't go at the logic behind the action scenes. It's the case with every Bollywood movie where every action scene has to be in slow motion as if we they go too fast in the normal mode. A person in negative role goes flying whenever he's kicked or punched by the hero. I mean WTF!?  and at top of all they compare krrish with Hollywood movies which is nothing more than a Bullshit or a cow dung. Well, Ram leela is a good movie. No comments, watch it and you'll know...;)

Meanwhile, sorry to Priyanka for not dedicating a post to her as I told her that i'll do it when I get my class 5. Project pending. Now, that reminds me of my projects at the school which are pending this week and I still haven't finished them.

Also, sorry to all those I forced to buy Samsung over Apple at some stage in my life. I'll most probably buy Apple as my next laptop...:P

And yeah, why is it that every person nowadays put their copyrights on every low quality and unrealistic looking picture taken even by a professional camera? Having a professional doesn't mean that the photo will look professional too! Look at these photos before putting something on internet with your copyrights on it and please at least write the credits in contrasting colors. Going out to everyone who does it.

I think I should end this before I start complaining about the rest of the world.
Looking at the Pacific ocean,  Lions gate bridge and North Vancouver from the Stanley park.

The poor one legged bird

Indian winters....

Kuch bolne ki himmat nahi hai bhai, CT pe CT diye ja rahe hai. The winter is approaching fast avast, my winter exams are in january, thats a good news...exam mein angeethi rakhni padegi. Uttar pradesh ko to antartica ka part ghoshit kardena chahiye. Kam se kam logon ko dhoka to nahi hoga,

This is a snap of my central library, good isn't it...but you can't see it in -1 degrees with fog all over. I just hate the winters here ....:'{{{{{.  Doctor saab mujhse agree karenge.

Tough Times

Hallo Freunde
I've been a great fan of Germany lately. Mainly due to Bayern Munich, German national Football team and of course, Adolf Hitler.
What a terrible 2-3 months its been, full of depression, pain, more depression and more pain.

It's been more then a month since I broke my thumb and life's been completely dead ever since. Talking about the injury in medical terms, the Interphalangeal joint of the right hand thumb was pushed back from its actual position as I was trying to be Dale Steyn on a caught and ball opportunity. It was operated as a result and the pins were inserted in the thumb to hold the bone in its right position(Am I right Dr. sahab?). It has been in a splint for over a month and the skin have started to rot and it stinks.

The disappointing part is that I was getting back in rhythm after some bad games with the ball. I missed the important part of the season and will also miss the Final due to the injury.

Another disappointing thing has been the transfer window deadline day (football). Being a great fan of Ronaldo, Kaka and Ozil it was very disappointing to see both Kaka and Ozil move to 2 different clubs on the same day. I was happy for Kaka as he wasn't getting enough playing time at Madrid But the real shocker was Ozil forced to leave the club. It was a complete bull shit by Madrid to sell the top midfielder in the world.

The Only good news is that my closest cousin became father to a son early in the morning and I became chacha (Uncle). Time to open up some Limca bottles. Burrrraaaaa!!!!
I have a lot to share but I don't remember much and good the see some modifications on the blog and some posts...


Welcome to North India!

I have made a list of things you would surely need while coming towards North India.

Number 1: Odomos mosquito repellent
If you do not have a mosquito repellent you are gonna become a feast for the blood thirsty mosquitoes.
Malaria, Dengue etc are quite common here.

Number 2: Calcium Tablets
Yes, In my stay of more than a year here i have experienced that most of the milk over here is 'purely' artificial. You will need external calcium to avoid decaying of teeth and joint related problems.

Synthetic Milk Siezed

Number 3: Anti-Allergics
With the weather changing here almost constantly you will surely need an anti histamine. We have so many seasons that its impossible to believe that your living in the same country all the time.

Number 4: Body Warmers, Quilt .etc
We have one of the most mind blowing winters. It is so cold over here that it literally blows your mind. Keep the cold in mind when coming between December 25 to January 25. Its damn cold. Brrrrrrrrr.

Number 5: Parle-G, Chocolate bars.
As Odd as it sounds, when coming here during the monsoons keep some ready snacks with you. Floods are very common here. Water just enters the house without knocking and you could be stranded without any food.

Number 6: Bargaining Technique
Its very important that you argue for every rupee here. People have tendency to take people for a ride if they feel they are new to the city. Bargain with them , argue and show them you are not a newbie.

Number 7 : A Sharp Eye
The Dhaba's and Roadside restaurants are not very hygenic here. You will need a sharp eye to spot any thing 'extra' in your meal.